The Executive Management team of Qrf consists of a CEO, CFO and COO. The CEO is primarily responsible for general management and coordination with decision-making bodies, as well as general strategy of the company. The CFO is responsible for the financial strategy and organization, and also acts as Compliance and Risk Officer. The COO is responsible for the commercial and investment strategy.

Together, the CEO and the CFO form Qrf’s Effective management.

William Vanmoerkerke


William Vanmoerkerke (1983) earned a Master’s Degree in Applied Economics from the University of Ghent, a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management from the Vlerick Management School, and a Master in Business Administration from New York University.

He started his career at eBay as a Segment Manager. In 2008, he joined Roland Berger Strategy Consultants as a consultant, and then in 2012 he joined The Boston Consulting Group. In 2013 he continued his career as Senior Director of Strategy & Business Development at Elsevier Inc.

Since 2014, together with Olivia and Mark Vanmoerkerke, he represents the interests of the family in various companies and participations.

Arthur Lesaffre


Arthur Lesaffre (1990) graduated as Master in Business Administration at the University of Ghent, majoring in Accountancy and Taxation.

He started his career in 2013 at KPMG Bedrijfsrevisoren where he spent 6 years in Audit. In 2019 he started as Compliance Manager at Club Brugge where he later also held the position of Investor Relations Manager. He has been active for Qrf since 2021 where he started as Finance Manager, after which he continued to work within the company as Chief Financial Officer since August 2022.

Michel De Baets


Michel De Baets (1987) Graduated as Master in Law from the KU Leuven. At the same university, he also obtained a Master in Applied Economic Sciences, a Master in Taxation and a postgraduate degree in Real Estate. He also holds an LL.M. in Competition Law and Economics from the Brussels School of Competition. 

He started his career in 2012 at Siemens Belgium as Contract Manager for public infrastructure projects, before joining Lenovo’s EMEA Legal team as Senior Legal Counsel responsible for Northern Europe.

Michel joined Qrf in 2021 where he started as Asset & Investment manager, in August 2023 he was appointed Chief Operating Officer.